This is how room acoustics reach a new level

Improving room acoustics,
Optimising working conditions

A high level of acoustic quality is desirable in all aspects of life, because excessive noise hinders effective communication, disturbs concentration and, over the long term, can even make people ill.

At Polyvlies Franz Beyer GmbH, we produce and bundle our acoustic panels under the brand Fonatex from our company headquarters in Hörstel-Bevergern. These significantly reduce noise, reverberations and background noise in the relevant frequency ranges (ca. 63–4.000 Hz)

Fonatex Standard is produced in a weight range from 1.000–4.000 g/m² and with material thicknesses of 4–50 mm. A variable mix of fibres, structures and densities allow us to implement numerous customer-specific requirements.

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Here you will find an interactive overview,
of the possibilities Fonatex offers you:

Room dividers
Wall elements
Desk partitions
Ceiling elements large
Ceiling elements small
Decorative panels
Furniture boxes
Shelving systems

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The Polyvlies Group –
an owner-managed success story

Founded in 1850, we now employ over 500 people at 5 different sites around the world. In addition to our company headquarters, we are also present in Saxony, France, Slovakia and the USA. We are unable and refuse to set limits when it comes to using our products. Innovative nonwoven textiles from Polyvlies are used worldwide in a wide variety of industries.

Fonatex acoustic panels are the latest addition to our product family. Production started at our Hörstel-Bevergern headquarters in 2020.

Naturally high-tech. Growing with the tasks, acting sustainably and accepting responsibility – have always been important to us. That’s why at Polyvlies renewable raw materials are playing an increasingly important role. More and more flax, hemp, kenaf, jute, sisal, wool and cotton are being used. This is how high-tech products with the claim to sustainably protect our environment are created.

History – since 1850

Here are the most important milestones in our company history to date:

1850 Production of yarns
1969 Introduction of needle-punched nonwoven technology (Polyvlies®)
1971 Extension to fully-integrated surface generation, finishing and processing of technical textiles and home textiles
1995 Process development an implementation of thermally bonded nonwovens (Polytherm®)
1996 Specialization in the manufacture of natural fiber nonwovens (Naropur®, Narodur®, Naroplast®)
2004 Takeover of a specialist for glass-fiber processing in Saxony and start of the production of own glass-fiber nonwovens (Vitratex®)
2008 Foundation of a plant in Slovakia for manufacturing and assembling of thermally bonded nonwovens (Polytherm®)
2010 Expansion of the production capacity in order to produce fine-fiber nonwovens (Polyvlies®)
2012 Foundation of a site in France by acquisition of a plant for production and finishing of lightweight nonwovens and their specialties (e.g. Skillcoat™)
2013 Expansion of the machinery for processing and finishing
2015 Startup of the new production site in the USA
a) Expansion of the site in the USA
b) Expansion of production and logistic center in Hörstel-Bevergern
2018 AExtension of porfolio by installing a state of the art double press line
2019 Addition of new production and storage facilities in Hörstel-Bevergern
2020 Ramp un of a new nonwoyen line in Hörstel-Bevergern
2022 Addition of new production and storage facilities as well as investment in a new nonwovon line in Bevergern



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